Bosch 800 Series 36 Inch 5 Smoothtop Burners Electric Cooktop NET8668SUC

     Bosch 800 Series NET8668SUC      36 Inch Electric Cooktop 5 Smoothtop Burners.Bridge Element.2 Dual Size Elements.SpeedBoost Burner.17 PreciseSelect Temperature Settings.Kitchen Timer.ADA Compliant.This unit is new out of box in perfect cosmetic condition. This unit comes with...

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     Bosch 800 Series NET8668SUC
     36 Inch Electric Cooktop

5 Smoothtop Burners.
Bridge Element.
2 Dual Size Elements.
SpeedBoost Burner.
17 PreciseSelect Temperature Settings.
Kitchen Timer.
ADA Compliant.

This unit is new out of box in perfect cosmetic condition.

This unit comes with full manufacture warranty.
Pictures are for the actual unit.


Number of Burners:  
Front Left:  
7" - 1,800W (400W Bridge)
Rear Left:  
7" - 1,800W
9"/6" - 3,600W/1,400W (SpeedBoost)
Front Right:  
8"/5" - 1,900W/800W
Rear Right:  
6" - 1,200W
Approval Certificates:  
Installation Requirements
Watts (W):  
10,200 W
Current (A):  
50/40 A
Volts (V):  
240/208 V
Frequency (Hz):  
60 Hz
Plug type:  
No plug
Cut-out Dimensions
Cut-out Width:  
34 7/8"
Cut-out Depth:  
Cut-out Height:  
Distance from Counter Front:  
2 1/4"
Distance from Counter Rear:  
Product Dimensions & Weight
Product Width:  
Product Depth:  
21 1/4"
Product Height:  
4 1/4"
Product Weight:  
31 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions & Weight
Shipping Width:  
43 5/16"
Shipping Depth:  
Shipping Height:  
7 7/8"
Shipping Weight:  
41 lbs.


Sleek in Design with SpeedBoost Which Adds Even More Power to the Cooking Process

  • Bridge Element Accommodates Oblong Pans and Many Diameters of Cookware
  • Each Zone's Timer Automatically Shuts Off When Cooking is Done
  • SpeedBoost Offers Shorter Heat-Up Times For Liquids
  • PreciseSelect Offers 17 Different Direct Cooking Level Settings
  • Black-glass Seamless Design
  • Cooktop Design Coordinates with Bosch Ovens and Ventilation
  • Dual Elements Offer the Capability to use Multiple Pan Sizes
  • Bridge Element Accomodates Oblong or Oversized Pans and Griddles
  • How do you fit a large oval or rectangular pan onto a circular element With the Bosch cooktop, it's simple.
  • A bridge element combines with two circular elements to give you an oblong cooking area that accommodates many shapes and sizes of cookware.
  • Ideal for roasting pans and grills.
  • SpeedBoost - Delivers More Power to Speed Up the Cooking Process
  • For time savings as well as energy savings, the SpeedBoost function can heat water twice as fast as a conventional ceramic cooktop.
  • PreciseSelect - Direct Cooking Level Selection - 17 Settings for Precise Control
  • Go right to the temperature you want with a single touch. With PreciseSelect, you can directly select 17 different cooking levels using numerical controls, as opposed to scrolling through a confusing menu.
  • CountDown Timer - Built-in Timers for Each Element. Doubles as General-Purpose Kitchen Timer
  • The days of working over a hot stove are long gone, thanks to this ingenious function that allows you to pre-set a cooking time for each individual heating element.
  • Now you can multi-task in the kitchen, and the cooktop will automatically shut off individual cooking elements when their programmed time has expired.
  • CleanLock - Prevents Unwanted Changing of Setting While Cleaning Spills
  • Two-Level Heat Indicator - Warns if Cooktop is Warm or Hot
  • A light on the cooktop warns if surface is hot due to any residual heat from cooking vessel.
  • ChildLock - Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentally Switched On, Locks Temperature Settings if in Use
  • Bosch cooktops take safety up a notch. The ChildLock function prevents the cooktop from being accidentally switched on.
The Bosch 800 Series 36 Inch 5 Smoothtop Burners Electric Cooktop NET8668SUC is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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